E-bike conversion kit Charm 5000


E-bike conversion kit Charm 5000 . This is off road conversion kit, Charm 5000 is based on 3000W motor. Please note this is not a toy!

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E-bike conversion kit Charm 5000 . This is off road conversion kit, which will allow you to have reliable good quality bike with electric bust, and lots of it !.

This set is designed for everyone who would like to go cross country  and off-road in demanding terrain

The motor in this e-bike conversion kit Is brush-less rear HUB and is powerful enough for off-road use and it will cope in mountain area without any problems.

Because of its power, (3000W ) your battery needs to be adequately sized. This set can work with the voltage from 48V up to 72V . It is possible to achieve the range of more than 100 miles on one charge (as long as you will have enough room for the battery pack.

The E-bike conversion kit Charm 5000 is based on 3000W motor with 19” moto rim and on top of the motor and rim, in the set you will have a throttle, colour UKC1 display, 60A controller and breaks levers with break sensors, PAS sensor is also included. This set will be supplied with 19″ off-road tyre and tube. Please note that this is not a toy and it is designed for off-road use for people who know what they are doing.

This set is in the UK and all import taxes has been paid the price is final and there are no hidden costs but to be able to ride you will need a battery pack.

The Battery pack is not included in this set, but we can build it for you as long as you will supply dimensions, we will do the rest.

More info about battery packs you can find  there, and you can order them from in there.

The standard charger is supplied with the battery pack (unless specified otherwise) however you may consider upgrade to better one and we have them in stock.

The high current chargers are available on this page. This set is well build and it can be fitted to almost any bike with 26″ rims but to be honest you will need solid frame to support the torque this set will deliver. You will need to use

If you will have any questions you can contact us by sending email or alternatively you can find us on Facebook and YouTube More about our conversion kits you can read on this page.

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Dimensions60 × 60 × 15 cm


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