Charger 58.8V 5A for 14S 52V battery pack


Charger 58.8V 5A, it is design for 14S Li-Ion battery pack

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Charger 58.8V 5A

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This Charger is 58.8V 5A and it is designed for 14S 52V Li-Ion battery pack.

Product features

58.8V CC / CV (constant current & constant voltage)

Multi stage charging

Built in micro controller (MCU)

Pulse with modulation (PWM)

LLC resonance and synchronous rectification

These features will ensure system integrity and precise control of the charging voltage and current and because of that the battery will be fully charged but not overcharged.

This is not cheap plastic charger, this is proper very sophisticated device with possibility to adjustments . The case is made from oxidised aluminium and it is equipped with culling fan.

I will strongly recommend to  read the instruction manual before use.

This charger as standard is equipped with read Andersons connector but I can replace it with xt60 or XT60 connectors if required (xt60 and XT90 connectors I have in stock If you require different type of connectors please ask, I don’t  have them in stock but I can source them on demand)


If you will have any questions you can contact us by sending email or alternatively you can find us on Facebook and YouTube More about our conversion kits you can read on this page.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 17 × 6 cm


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