BMS 20S 100A


Battery Management System (BMS) for 20S Lithium Ion battery pack, constant current 100A with charging port (split port) with temperature sensor for extra protection

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20S 100A BMS. Water and dust proof,  3 years warranty, UK stock.

You don’t have to submerse your BMS to have it damaged condensation can damage your BMS too. That is the reason Why all BMS boards I seal are waterproof and dust proof, there is no air gap between electronic components and sealing compound. 
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Basic Parameter

this BMS 20S 100A use top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from the manufacturer  Seiko of Japan.
Strong load ability, constant discharge current 100A with 200A pick current, use high voltage, low inner resistance  Mosfet.  Anodised aluminium heat sink will greatly help with heat dissipation .
This BMS has power balancing function but if you have great voltage discrepancy between cells it may not be able to balance your battery pack in one go. This circuit is simple and reliable.
BMS is monitoring voltage of each cell group connected in series. So each group will be checked for over charge and over discharge to prevent damage to the cells. Over current and short circuit protection
functionality is very reliable. Long time short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and wont damage the battery. Temperature protection during charging and discharging in this BMS is not implemented but we can modify it if  needed (the modyfication has to be done by the manufacturer, at the moment in stock we have only modules without thermal protection). The BMS has extreme low power consumption, the self consumption of the whole device is less than 50uA.
PCB is submersed with solidified high anti-corrosive and water resistant resin, This BMS is suitable for motors up to 1800W constant power. The Main function of this  BMS is to prevent batteries from over charging ,over discharging and shorts.


Constant discharge 100A .
Pick current 200A
Over charge:
detect voltage 4.25 +- 0.05V
delay 0.5S
Voltage 84V
Current 20A
Over discharge:
detect voltage 2.8 +- 0.1V
detect delay 20mS
release voltage 2.8 +-0.1V
Over current:
delay 100mS
protection 120 +- 20A
Short circuit detect delay 250uS
Balancing capability 35 +-5mA.
Balance detection voltage 4.18V
Balance reliese voltage 4.18V
Self consumption less than 100 micro amp.
Sleep consumption less than 20 micro Amp
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10S 50A

Waterproof BMS for Li-Ion battery Pack


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