Battery Pack

The battery pack is one of the most important component of any conversion.  You will be able to use your e-bike without PAS sensor but using it without the battery will be impossible. The battery  can be small or big, and we can make any of them. For packs made by us we are using only genuine cells and only new, never used ones, however on your request we can build battery pack from cells supplied by you. All packs are tested on the digital dischargers and we can supply charging and discharging characteristic of any battery. Each battery is equipped with high quality waterproof BMS and basic charger is supplied to. We can test and repair your battery to, for more info please contact us. You can contact us using on-line form here or on Facebook or YouTube. Properly build and selected battery will last long time and you wont need to be wary about replacement. It is significant cost and to be on safe site you should chose proper size to avoid disappointment in the future.  You don’t have to be wary about to big battery – it never will be to big as long as you have enough room for it, however to small battery , although cheaper, wont survive long, and you will have to replace it quicker that you can expect. If you will have any questions about how to chose battery for your project, you can always ask us for recommendations, it wont cost you anything and you can be sure that your battery will last long.

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