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After long period of preparation we are ready now to offer for sale new off-road conversion kits. Those sets are designed to be fitted in to normal standard bike frame as well as to the custom frame.

The new line is called Charm and we have tree different sizes of them.

Charm 2000 picture on the left. Is designed to be fitted in to normal frame and the rim size is 26”, this set comes with everything you need to convert your bike in to e-bike apart of battery pack.

Charm 5000 picture in the middle is designed for more demanding customers and it can deliver substantial power.

Charm 8000 is even more power full and it is designed primarily to be fitted to the custom frame, but if you are brave enough you can try to fit it to standard frame.

All sets are off-road sets although there is possibility to restrict power to the road legal limit.

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All our products are in UK! - No waiting for delivery

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Warranty repair or replacement is done locally in UK ! – No waiting for repair or replacement !

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Knowledgeable and highly skilled technical support.